Curtains for boys bedroom - help please!

riff3September 11, 2012

I am updating DS2's bedroom from his old PBkids space themed room. He didn't want me to change his blue and green striped walls. Also, he only likes quilts, not duvets. I bought a basic navy PBkids quilt. Am recovering his padded headboard with striped navy/white fabric - picture shows it draped over but not stapled on yet.

What should I do for his curtains? He has only 1 window. Have brought home plain navy panels from target and JCP - they are so thin and skimpy. Attached picture shows 2 target panels on 1 side of window, that is how skimpy they are. Plus the navy with the plain navy quilt looks so blah. I know his room already has a lot going on, but he is 12 and likes color/pattern. I tried white cotton drapes from PB, but they just looked out of place - too much white without anything tying them to the rest of the room. He likes curtains to pull over the blinds at night as his room gets much morning sun.

Ideas I've thought of include making a box cornice out of striped fabric and putting it over the skimpy navy drapes, or adding a white ribbon to the edge of the navy drapes. Any other ideas are welcome. Maybe a pattern or herringbone or something? Do I go with navy or something else? A 63" that hits at the end of the window molding or 84"?

Thanks for your help!

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Here is the picture of his window. The room is enormous, but only 1 small window. However, he has a LOT of stuff in there too.

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I think it looks good with just the blinds - no curtains.

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I would return the skimpy navy draperies and buy another yard of navy and make a boxed cornice. Then find some space themed fabric and make some draperies for that window that are not skimpy.
You say he wants a space theme....and so far I see none...nor any pattern. So for a few dollars of fabric he could have his space theme room and still have a basic blue comforter and striped headboard.

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Sorry if my post was confusing - he does NOT want a space themed room. His old room was space theme, and I kept the green/blue walls.

We don't want any themes now. He wants curtains, the white blinds don't block enough sun. Comment was don't see any pattern - what pattern should I add with the navy stripe and checked toybox and striped walls? I am very open to suggestions.

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How about something like this?

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Horizontal stripes like the headboard?

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How about Pottery Barn Kids navy blackout curtains? They are lined and heavy and I think they would look more generous on the window than the JCP ones you bought. They also have some new patterns out that your son might like. There is a navy pattern with thin pinstripes. There is also a navy gingham but your son might find that too babyish. Country Curtains has a navy check curtain as well but I would make sure they are lined so they aren't too skimpy.

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FYI, same problem here and I bought draperies and there was still too much morning light. I needed lined panels. Like your idea of navy panels with with white. Penney's in my go to for draperies these days.

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