light switch removal

jon-hNovember 16, 2012

In my friend's entertainment system (TV, DVD player, etc) is plugged into a switched outlet (via circuit breaker) in his living room. The outlet is controlled by a simple light switch. Unfortunately, there are no other outlets against that particular wall.

When he has guests over (frequently), some will inadvertently hit the switch, turning everything off and resulting in him having to reset some devices. Needless to say, it's a pain. So he's resorted to taping the switch in the "on" position with masking tape.

I'd like to remove that switch for him. Can I just remove the switch and reconnect the wires with a wire nut, let the bare ground wire dangle in the junction box, and then cover the junction box with a cover plate (the kind w/o openings)? I know that this will work, but just want to make sure it's a proper way of doing it.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Ron Natalie

What you're proposing is fine (other than the fact that it is most likely technically illegal for you to do this not being licensed). Depending on whether this is just a switch loop, you may also be able to make the change at the receptacle. Did he check to see if the receptacle is split where one of the two sockets is switched and one is not?

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That was the first thing I asked too, since I that's how the receptacle was wired in an apartment I rented years ago (only the bottom socket was switched). Unfortunately, both of the sockets are controlled by the light switch on that particular receptacle.

Thanks for the response!

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