Does junction box in attic with insulation need to be airtight?

ahkimNovember 18, 2007

I am redoing my kitchen and had to create a longer splice for the receptacles/switches. I put a blue plastic junction box in the ceiling. There is the white cellulose blow-in insulation all over the ceiling.

Was I supposed to make the J-box completely airtight? There are small gaps where the wires enter the box which could potentially let in some of the insulation, is that a serious hazard?

Unfortunately, access to the J-box is difficult (I know code requires access) so its not an easy fix. Also, I havenÂt made the connection on the other end of the splice which is in the wall, so I donÂt think the J-box in the ceiling is hot yet. Please advise.


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There is no requirement to make the box air tight, nor is it common to do so. The insulation is treated so it doesn't support combustion. In the unlikely event some does get into the box it isn't an issue.

The code only requires access to boxes, it doesn't require the access to be easy even though most of us would prefer that they be easy to get to. It is a good idea to use a marker and put an arrow or some other indication above the location that shows where a box is buried in insulation in case it needs to be accessed, but there is no requirement to do so.

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Thanks Bill! That's a big relief.

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