Exit sign plug dilemma

Kbos51November 11, 2012


I am am artist and recently acquired a brand new illuminating exit sign I would like to use in my next project. It would normally be hardwired & it also has a battery backup for emergencies that has its own charger. For my project however, hardwiring is not really an option and I would like to wire it to a plug in order to be able to turn it on & off. I've taken several hardwired light fixtures and successfully wired them to a polarized plug, but they were all basic 2 or 3 wire connections. This has 4 wires, blue black, white and green. Can anyone tell me how to wire this? I would like for the batteries and charger to work as intended, so it would remain lit for a bit after unplugged if possible.

Any feedback would be welcome....thank you so much for your time!

Have a great day!

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Since I have never had any experience with exit signs, I looked up new ones on the internet and it appears that they are typically 120/277 volt capable.

I would "guess" that the black is for 120V and blue is for 277V operation - the white is neutral and green ground. You would still need to confirm this either by taking the sign apart or finding the wiring diagram for the sign,

If this is the case, be sure to cap off and tape the blue wire as it would most likely be hot.

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Google the model number or manufacturer's info, and on their site hopefully you will find wiring info.

I wouldn't do any wild guessing, you could well fry something, including yourself.

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