Trailer Wiring - push-in connectors

ladydemonsiaNovember 5, 2012

Has anyone ever used push-in wire connectors for trailer wiring? All I can find info on is slide crimp and butt connectors and I only want to wire this trailer once instead of dealing with electrical shorts every year. I'm going to be using 14 gauge stranded wire for lights and 12 gauge for brakes. I believe the LED pigtails for the lights are 16 gauge and the tandem axle brakes are 14/16. I have Ideal 2 and 3 wire push-in and wago 5 wire snap-in connectors already and want to make sure they are suitable for outdoor/trailer use. I can only find info for in home and commercial use.

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In order to prevent the splice from failing prematurely, you need to seal out the elements. The push in connectors do not provide any sealing or protection.

The best splice is to always strip the wires, slide the appropriate size heat-shrink tubing over the wire, wrap the wires together to provide a secure mechanical connection, solder the connection, slide down the heat-shrink & heat to seal the connection.

Butt splices when crimped with a real crimp tool and covered with heat shrink is a distant second choice.

The little blue in-line snap connectors are a sure failure.

Also, make sure you use star washers on both sides of the ground to chassis wire terminals - after cleaning any paint off the chassis at the connection point.

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