Velvet Cloak Dining Room Update

beekeeperswifeSeptember 24, 2012

Nope, no rug yet. Still waiting to stumble upon the right one. And we are considering swapping this table out for a long one at some point.

But, I thought I'd update you on what I found for the wall. I had my eye on it, it's big, has a big impact in real life, not sure about if the camera is capturing it. And then I found it on sale.

It is large. I bought it for exactly where I hung it but I did thing about hanging it on the wall that currently is home to the mirror. But then I heard the voices in my head say...."you look like you are trying to fill that long wall and so you bought a big piece". It doesn't look as good there as where I put it, on a smaller wall. I think it has more impact.

So without further introduction, here it is:

Has a bit of glare from the sun coming in

so I closed the curtains and tried again

From the foyer

I was looking for something for each side of the mirror, but again, it looks like I'm trying to fill the wall. I think that just like some people are afraid of silence and try to fill the quiet with babble, I should just embrace the Velvet Cloak on the wall and not fill it with "stuff".

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That looks great!! I think you should leave it alone!! Course, being a horse person helps me appreciate the picture even more!!



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It's much better than Sarah Richardson's horse dining room picture.

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So dramatic! You are very talented, bee!

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You nailed it!

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Wow, that's spectacular...

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I love your taste. Elegant and eclectic. Amazing!

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Gorgeous!! And I love that it was on sale :-)

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That is WAY cool. Knowing when to stop is so important. It's perfect.

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Oh, that's wonderful!
And clearly you know how to make a proper martini.
When should I arrive...?

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Bee -- I can't get enough of your beautiful and dramatic dining room.
I can imagine parties lingering there long into the night.

I love how the horse brings some wildness and nature into a very civilized room.
Much better than the sedate and cud-chewing cows I have in my dining room.

And, yes, so much better than Sarah Richardson's dining room and horse!
(Although I kind like Sarah's horse too. I just feel a little creeped out by how Sarah's horse is just staring out at the room. Whereas your wild, wind swept and romantic horse seems to be channeling the forces of nature.)

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Dramatic and perfect coloring. Your horse is having a lot more fun that Sarah's too.

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I think it is just perfect. What a beautiful room!

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Oh my...Sarah's horse is all nose, don't you think?

I actually had my eye on another one that had a white horse. But, it was taller than this one and wouldn't have worked.

Today I went to a consignment store. I stumbled upon a rectangular table and chairs (and hutch, which I'm not interested in). It has been there since February. It has 6 chairs, including 2 arm chairs. This is hard to describe but it is sort of wood, wicker, and faux bamboo, and it has glass inserts in the top to cover the wicker. It has 2 16" leaves. Think more Hollywood Glam than Golden Girls. Great lines. I see it painted turquoise, which I know is wrong for this room. But what fun color could I paint it for in there? I'll take some pictures and post them. The drawers are all dovetailed in the china cabinet, which to me indicate this was a decent piece of furniture back in "the day". They will sell the table and chairs w/o the china cabinet which is good. The table is 74" long x ~44" wide. Plus the 2 16" leaves.

I'm glad you guys like the horse.

Think about the color for the table....silver leaf? Black gloss? Purple gloss? Orange? Oh, and the seats are upholstered so I could do some sort of cool fabric.

Gotta get my dh to the store to see it.

And yes, we can make a mean martini. Although I'm partial to a Manhattan (but the big bottle of Southern Comfort just doesn't look as pretty on display).

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Now I want you to get black light switches and cover, and make a little black hood for the thermostat :)

Sorry, but I bought a new quart of oil based paint to paint four tiny screws a specific color, I obsess.

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Hi Bee,
Love the Horse, nice change for a room.
I also love your paint color and see that on the BM site they match it with CSP 495-through the looking glass, maybe that would be a nice paint for your table with a bit of embellishment.

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Pal! A little black hood! Just give me directions...but wait...doesn't it have to detect the temperature? Give me specifics and I'm all over it. DH has a couple of business trips coming up I need to get some "special projects" done. I painted out the other pimples on that wall but the painting covered one of them--the glass break detector. I figure it works on a microphone so it should be fine back there. And I painted out the blank plate that will someday be a volume control for the speakers.

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That was my thought grlwprls!!

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So many times I looked at that picture at the store. For months! I'm glad somebody got it! It looks great & obviously I'm a fan of it too!

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Right back at ya with the great bargain shopping bee! Serendipity I always say. :-)

I'm with francoise47--your horse pic is nicer than Sarah's!

Your DR is coming along quite nicely--LOVE the Velvet Cloak walls (and matching drapes--how fortuitous finding those!!!).

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Oh!!! Just gorgeous,stunning!!!!, I don't post often but had to comment on this, and I like the horse,(who wud a thunk it)LOL

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Wow! Love it.

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Love the horse. Mind telling me the name of the pic? Thanks.

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Being a horse person - I have to say it looks perfect! It has that untamed/unexpected look to it. Not sure that I love the bar items underneath it. JMHO
The Sarah Richardson pic looks horrible to me. To me the horse was squeezed onto that canvas! Her wall scones look way to small near that huge head and face

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It's perfect!

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Your picture shows the beauty of the horse. Sarah's is from such an unflattering angle of the horse!

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I can't imagine anything looking better there! It's perfect! I love it. I WANT it :) The whole room is simply gorgeous :)

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No comparison. I like your horse and think it is perfect on that wall. I would take your room as it is or with a larger table. While I've seen rooms Sarah Richardson has done that I ike, that isn't one of them at all.

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Bee, did you look under the chairs on that dining set? It sonds like my mother's table, although it did not have leaves. Hers was white, and she used some antique chippendale chairs that she painted and antiqued. If it has been repainted, there may be no tag, but I am wondering if it is Ficks- Reed. My mother had a rattan and wicker store for 30 years, so let me know what it says, if you find out!!


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