Looking for pictures of slanted walls

valzone5September 22, 2008

I've got my eye on a little house that has slanted walls in the bedrooms...not sure what they are called, but halfway up the wall they slant in because of the roofline. I am worried about how/where to put furniture. Do you have these types of walls - can you show me a picture please? Thanks!

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We have two rooms with slanted walls. One is a little cubby at the top of our stairs which my boys use as a reading nook. The other is our TV room. We took advantage of dormers in both rooms to incorporate built ins into the space. Here is the boys "office". One of the two desks is built in.

And this is the TV room.

It has two window seats to stash "stuff" and another built in desk in the third dormer.

I actually really like the slanted walls in both rooms because they make it feel nice and cozy. It is my intention to paint the slanted portion of the ceiling to match the walls, per suggestions I got on this forum, but I haven't had time to do that yet.

HTH! Jaymie

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Our old house had slanted walls in the upstairs room. Do you know *how* slanted the walls are? They are very charming, but we had extremely deep slants, and it was very hard to put furniture against them without the worry of bumping your head.

We actually had to add to the changing table in the back so it would stick out far enough that we wouldn't bump our heads on the slant when changing the baby.

We have a lovely playroom with slanted ceilings above the garage, but I made sure the slants were high enough that we were able to put furniture against the walls.

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Our upstairs bedrooms have slanted walls. Two of them have built-in twin beds:

We have dressers, desks, and/or low bookshelves along the walls.

This room above the garage also has slanted walls:

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These before and after shots from Making it Lovely (blog) are really nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making it Lovely's slanted guest room

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They're called knee walls. Here's a very clever use of a knee wall:

Here is a link that might be useful: Knee Wall cabinet

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uxorial, I love your home! We used to have a house with knotty pine in the den. I really miss that room.

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Most of our attic conversion is knee walls. We have45" ones. Here are pics of the bedrooms and the office area. We have enough flat walls that it makes it pretty easy to have furniture. We do not have closets in the bedrooms though since they are used as guest rooms only. Some day I may have to reconfigure to get them but for now it works fine. c

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2- bed and dresser are gone at present:

Office area:

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A couple of pics for you.

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Wow - thanks for all of the pictures! Every one of these rooms look soooo cozy and I love the way the slanted walls look...nice character. I got excited enough by the pictures (and I love the built-in bed idea) that I went to the house to measure the rooms to see how my furniture would fit. I smacked my head against the ceiling/wall at one point when I stood straight up - LOL! But I was definitely more able to imagine how the rooms could look. Thanks for the visual aids!

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Love the pics---makes me want a room with angled walls!
Caminnc---your pics are so inviting!

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My previous 1926 bungalow had an attic master bedroom:

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Love all the rooms above, but then I love my slanted walls, so.

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We have a high hip roof .. it's 16 feet in the center upstairs, with four large gable dormers coming off each side, also 2 gabled roof lines coming off the back of the house. So the roof line is very cut up upstairs in the girls room and their bathroom.

We built the girls drawers and toy storage in under the knee walls to save space. The shower is built in one of the dormers, their art table is in another, the other two domer areas will eventually have window seats built into them. The long area I'm standing in to take a picture of the art table, is their TV area, the TV is built in to a storage area at the end. You can see the full pics of that room here, there's a lot of pics with slanted roof lines.


Toy storage under knee wall :

Bathroom in dormer :

Bathroom shelves recessed into Knee walls :

We also have a much higher slant roof line down stairs.
In the back where there is a shed roof coming off the back of the hiproof connecting to the deck .. This will be our eating area when we are done with the kitchen:

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We have slanted walls in all upstairs rooms ( bedrooms & bathrooms). The knee walls are about 6 ft. high.

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acountryfarm, what a beautiful home you are building. Can't wait to see it all finished.

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acountryfarm, I really liked your upstair rooms and the colors. can you please tell me the names of these colors and which brands and sheens? I liked all your blue, yellow and white colors. you can email me @s_magdalia@hotmail.com please tell me the colors. these are perfect colors for my slanted rooms

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