I really need help with a socket adapter!

fallfograinOctober 29, 2010

I will consider you an absolute genius if there is anyone out there who can really help me find what I need!!! I have two sconces that have candelabra sized sockets, but I would like to add a pull chain to them so they can be turned on that way. There is just about every size socket adapter out there with a pull chain except for those that would fit into a candelabra sized socket. This is really getting to me. Does it not exist?? I can't imagine with all the technology and options that are out there that this does not exist. I have been searching everywhere and it is making me crazy. Can anyone help me???

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I have never seen such a critter.

I suppose you could stack a candelabra-to-edison adapter, a pull chain tap, and an edison to candelabra reducer. But that would get kind of ugly. :)

A much better solution is to remove the sconce from the wall, drill or punch a hole in the canopy, and add a pull chain switch from the hardware store. Wire it in series with the hot feed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adapters (informational - no endorsement intended)

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just use a pull switch installed in a mounting plate, what davidr said.

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You could mount a regular switch in the wall at the light's location.

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