Outside Garage Light No Longer Reliable

scarab4lifeOctober 30, 2010

The outside light over my garage has reliably come on at dusk and turned off at dawn for the last 13 years. Lately, it comes on and off sometimes. Since the light is more than 6 feet from the ground I want to know if the problem might simply be I need a new light or could there be another problem?

Thanks for your response.

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If it's triggered by a photocell, I'd say that 13 years is a better that average lifespan. You may be able to replace just the photo sensor.

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at the end of a vopour bulb's life, it cycles. you just need a new bulb. my grandpa had the same problem.

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"at the end of a vopour bulb's life"

Do you mean a discharge bulb?

An the OP never mentioned the type of lighting.

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Probably meant mocory vopour

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i was thinking mercury or sodium vapour, because that is what people in my area have, but that might just be because it is schuylkill county, pa

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Before replacing anything, take a look at the fixture to see where the photo sensor is, it is a small round hole with a somewhat shiny appearance. This detects light, and with the absence of light, detects dark... and it then turns on the light. Yes, they do fail, but if a spider decides to build a nest over it and call it home, all kinds of things can happen.

Clean it off and see what happens... it may just work fine and if not, just replace the whole fixture.

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