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jschermeOctober 29, 2013

So, it's been an eventful weekend the furnace went out resulting in my wife and I using space heaters to keep the house warm. Then, the next morning my wife decides to use the fan in the bathroom attached to our bedroom as well as turning all the lights on and using the hair dryer.
Naturally, the 20amp breaker flips, so she went down stairs and flipped all of the breakers back and forth until the electricity came back on, because she states "it didn't turn off".
Today, I went and got two 20Amp double pole breakers in case the first didn't work. I had to use trial and error to find out which breaker it was for sure do to a mis-labeled panel. After finding the breaker I thought I was on the home stretch and installed the 20 amp breaker and flipped the switch and nothing. I checked my connections and everything was correct and tried again and still no power to the master bedroom. I tried the other 20A breaker in case the first was broken and still haven't got power back on to the master bedroom. Any advice would be helpful? Thanks,

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Ron Natalie

Look for a tripped gfci.

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