ge powermark 'gold' (more like crap) making a buzzing sound!

smithy123October 30, 2010

I was ripping out the old 14/2 with the 18 or 20 awg ground on a 15a circut and replacing it wit 12/2g on a 20a circut. i played the old switcheroo by putting the 15a on a lighting circut where the idiots used 14awg for a loop switch on a 20a circut. while i had the panel cover open, i put my multimeter around some wires to measure the amperage load. i also was hearing a slight buzzing sound comning from the panel. is this normal or should i be concerned? i want to replace the panel, anyway so if there is a problem i can have an excuse and a reason for my dad to buy a qo.

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normal, probably a resistive load on some of the circuits or motors running. I can hear buzzing on breakers coming from dimmers on the other side of a house.

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Quite normal.

Remember that one of the trip elements in a breaker is electromagnetic. It moves a piece of metal inside to trip the breaker...

You've got 60Hz AC passing through an electromagnet with a semi-movable piece of metal in its field... If you've got enough current going through there, there's going to be some vibration!

Oddly enough, however, my project GE panel (very nice, I must add. LOVE the neutral/ground bar layout) makes no such noises.

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we do have alot of dimmers.

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no no no you must get rid of the inferior panel and replace it with the qo. you must not let anyone sleep in the house another night before you change it out. it will haunt you forever if anything should happen. get insurance, lots of insurance, you must act immediately.

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the last idiots put in 2 westinghouse breakers, and one is required to be an afi.

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I think GE is quite the innovator, check out this article!

Here is a link that might be useful: GE and new lightbulb technology

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who would use a lightbulb with an engine attatcher?

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Dim bulb

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