Beige/tan/almond vinyl windows???

hedgehoggySeptember 7, 2012

I am not having much luck in the window forum so I hope no one minds me posting this question here. I am wondering if anyone has any photos they could share of houses with beige/tan/almond exterior vinyl windows? Thank you!

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I Googled 'beige replacement windows' and there are some images out there. I have linked one below.

Here is a link that might be useful: beige replacement window

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I responded to your post in the building a home forum with pics of my windows :)

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Here's mine from the inside. I don't think I have any from the outside.

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Sorry, I have white, but here are a couple pics--first from and 2nd from Milgard windows--and both just interior shots. In our neighborhood of new homes, I'm seeing predominately white, but many windows are beige/tan, black, and even dark red--at least from the outside. Inside, I think they may be more neutral than red.

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Milgard windows image

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