About calculating wallpaper roll and adhesive

satimisSeptember 19, 2012

Hi all,

Please shed me some advice.





I use following calculator;

Wallpaper Calculator



Wall 1 Length: 14 ft (including windows)

Wall 1 Height: 8 ft

Wall 2 Length: 12 ft

Wall 2 Height: 8 ft

Square Feet per roll = 56.1 sq ft

(Wallpaper size

A standard roll of wallpaper is 20.5 inches in width and just under 33ft in length.

20.5 = 1.7 ft

Total size = 1.7 x 33 = 56.1 sq ft)

Wallpaper Rolls = 4.4 rolls

Then purchase 5 rolls


Ready Mixed Wallpaper adhensive


Wickes Ready Mixed Wallpaper Adhesive 5kg


Size: 5kg

Wallpaper capacity: Hangs up to 5 rolls

So I only need one tub.

Whether above calculating work? Any further advice in addition? Thanks

Regarding sealant.


Peel Stop Clear Binding Primer


How to calculate the quantity needed? The walls are quite smooth with few light scratches and dirty marks on it.

If use Fabric wallpaper (wallpaper with textile-backing)

Do I need adding extra quantity of adhesive?



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It's been quite awhile since I've wallpapered, but you need to account for any pattern repeats in the paper. This website explains it.


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Try this website for calculating;

Here is a link that might be useful: How much wallpaper

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Annie Deighnaugh

I usually calculate by the number of drops of paper I need. So if the wall is 14 feet wide and the paper is 20.5", I need 9 drops of paper. (14x12=168 inches wide, divided by 20.6= 8.1 drops) Figure 9' per drop (more if there is a repeat), times 9 drops, I'll need 81 linear feet to cover that wall. At 33 linear feet per roll, I'll need 2 1/2 rolls for that wall.

Be very careful about single rolls, which is what they charge by, and double rolls, which is the minimum they will sell you. Make sure you're calculating based on the actual size of the roll...not the single/double business.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your advice and links.

How to calculate the value of "pattern repeat"?

Is "offset match" same as "pattern repeat'?

What is IRO ?


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Annie Deighnaugh

Offset pattern repeat is when the right hand edge matches the print at the left hand edge only when dropped down by the offset distance. So if it was a 20" repeat/10" offset,, in order to line up the pattern, you will have to drop the next strip by that 10" for the pattern to match.

Regardless you need to have the length of the repeat as overage when cutting the length of your panels so that you can slide the panel up or down to align with the prior panel.

I have not heard of IRO and don't know what it is.

If no one knows here, perhaps try the Paint thread....

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