Replacing a single switch with a double switch

dwpcOctober 17, 2010

We have a typical single lamp exterior fixture on the patio with an interior wall switch. We would like to install a floodlight next to it to illuminate the whole yard. Can I just pull the existing wall box out and replace it with a double-gang box and switches, then (hopefully) fish the new wire for the 2nd fixture through the same route as the existing wire? The house has 1958 vintage ungrounded wiring.

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If the interior switch is at the end of a 'switch loop' you will have to pull new cable from an unswitched power source to either the switch or the new light.
If the current switch box contains an unswitched 'hot' as well as a neutral then, yes, you'll be able to do as you plan.

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What Randy describes is right, but you should NOT do anything but pull a new wire.
It is a violation, and NOT a good idea, to extend an ungrounded circuit.

Do the right thing. Pull a new wire for this light. You can remove the box and make it a 2-gang if you like, for aesthetic reasons.

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