Chandelier question

msroseSeptember 15, 2012

This is the chandelier I'm thinking about getting.

This is another one I was looking at and I noticed it comes with black and white candles.



That got me to wondering if you can change the candles on most of these types of chandeliers. I'm not sure if I want white or ivory shades, so I'm hesitant to order the one I like until I decide. Also, are all lamps shades made the same? Could I buy a shade from PB and use on this lamp?

I originally wanted this PB chandelier and it has the black candles, so I could use any color shade I want. It would be the safe choice and I do like it.

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can you tell me where you saw these chandys I really like them.

To answer your question, I didn't think I would like the black candles, but I do!

I think all shades pretty much are the clip on type so you could source them later.

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Usually the candles are just cylinders, plastic or metal, that slip on and off. We have a lamp repair place near us and he has all of that stuff.

In that size, id imagine the shades just clip on, and yes, are very easy to change out.

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my parents had to buy replacements for their cracked candles. They sell these candle covers at many lighting stores in lots of colors, like white or ivory or metals. you can also get wax candle covers too for more realistic looking candles.

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That's great! Thank you!

juliokcmo - #1 is World Import Hastings 6-light from Lighting Direct. #2 is Black Iron 5-light from Overstock and #3 is Graham from PB. Just curious, which one do you like the best?

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The link below has pretty (and different) chandelier sleeves.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shades of Light Chandelier Sleeves

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i love the one you show w the wicker shades

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ML - Wow! Who would have thought there were so many choices.

mtnrdredux - Is it the wicker shades you like or the chandelier? Just wondering, because I wouldn't get the wicker shades.

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The shades -- i"m a sucker for texture.

If it's just the chandelier, I think it depends on your ceiling height. The last one looks a little squished.

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The wicker shades remind me of tiny wastebaskets turned upside down.

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I was light shopping earlier today and saw some of the chandeliers like #2 with the thinner iron and they were really attractive! So, I vote #2. And I like it with the black candles.

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beeps - Where did you go shopping? I can't find anything like these locally.

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Nice options!
I wouldn't like the wicker shades for two reasons...first, because a chandelier is designed after real candle fixtures, and it would bother me in the back of my mind to have something clearly flammable on them. (I know - this is just my own peculiarity, like not liking blue or white floors because they aren't colors you usually walk on in nature....)
But the second reason is that I like clean white or barely warmed light to come through shades, and unless they are opaque (like lacquered ones), I rarely want colored shades that darken or tint the ambient light.

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The "candles" are meant to look like real candles....I think black or polka dotted or striped "candles" on a chandelier look just plain stupid and contrived.
I have seen chandelier shades sold very very at the dollar store. I know people who regularly change them out....and drape the whole fixture in white "spider web" for Halloween and in glitter gauze for Christmas.....another puts big tulle bows on the chandelier for Christmas....and straw shades in the summer.

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I went to Lamps Plus and a place called "the Lighting Gallery." I can't remember which store I saw them at, but I think the Lighting Gallery. The store is sort of a fly-by-night place that offers "internet pricing" and doesn't have anything in stock. But, they had a lot of lights to look at - some that I haven't seen before.

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