Installing/Wiring a Generator Outlet

akmikekOctober 9, 2007

I am attempting to connect my 5500 watt generator to 4 dedicated outlets inside my house and would like some opinions on what i am doing. I have a generator outbuilding i have built with installed ventilation and would like to install a female connector(L14-30R) on the outside wall of my house and 2 standard 110 outlets (4 plugs)inside the house directly on the other side of the wall which i will run extension cords from for powering stuff. I would like to plug the generator into the plug (L14-30R) on the outside via a short extension cord L14-30 male plugs on 10 guage wire. I understand the basic principles and note my generator comes with an extension cord with outlets installed on the end. I would like to do this so i have no cords running through my doors or windows and so im sealed from the outside enviroment.Is this feasible? Does the (L14-30R) on the generator generally 240v and how does that transfer to 110v on the other end of the cord? Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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Ron Natalie

You're insane.

Never put the power on the male plugs. At the minimum you want a male connector on the house and a cord with a male on one end and a female on the other.

The L14 connector on the generate will provide two legs with 240V between them and 120V to the neutral pin. You should also connect the ground from the house side of this contraption to a real ground for safety's sake.

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Instead install an proper inlet like the ones found here.

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Thanks for the advice it makes perfect sense. I will install a inlet on the outside and use a cord set with male and female. On the inside of the house i would like to install two outlets (4 plugs). This should be possible,safe and somewhat easy to do???As far as the grounding you refer to this would be a long rod into the ground connected to the generator ground?? Thanks again for keeping me from making a dangerous mistake.

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I'd also install some type of disconnect with a breaker ahead of any wiring in the house. You never can tell who will later plug the 50A gen into the inlet with 14g wire.

I think he meant run a ground wire from the main panel to the Gen inlet.

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