newly installed lights not coming on

dave_twOctober 14, 2013

I have fitted some new light fittings in our living room which fail to come on and I am not sure why.
The wiring is the same its just new light fittings replacing. I have also fitted a plaster centerpiece so I have drilled a few holes in the ceiling but I did not feel like I hit anything while drilling.
The lights do not come on but the breaker switch stays up?
What would possibly cause that?

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I have checked them with a multimeter and there is no power there. How can a circuit just stop working?

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Ron Natalie

Because it didn't just stop. You messed with it.

First, find the breaker. Turn it ALL THE WAY OFF and then back on. Most manufacturer breakers don't trip to off, but to some neutral position. On my GE panel, it's hard to spot a tripped breaker (some advantage to the little VISITRIPS in the square D panels).

Absent a tripped breaker, you've most likely got a bad connection where you were working. Recheck all your connections again. Also make sure you've wired it EXACTLY the way it was before. It's often the case when switches are involved that you don't just wire all the blacks together and all the whites.

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