Bending 3/0 wire

ylmzmOctober 21, 2013

I have a 12x12x6 junction box. Two sets of 3/0 wires enter from back-right (see the picture). Each set has three 3/0 wires and a #4 wire. They need turn up and enter the 2" conduits on the top left.

The problem is these 3/0 wires are like bear! I cannot bend them to fit into the junction box. They stick out as seen in the picture. Pulling from top or pushing up inside the junction box did not help. They just don't move or quickly spring back.

Any recommendations? Is changing the junction box my only choice?

They perfectly fit into a 4.5" deep 400 Amp panel, but while connecting the wires to the panel, I had the chance to pull them out and bend as I need. In this junction box, one side is fixed (connected to panel), so I cannot pull it out to bend freely. If I disconnect the wires from the panel to be able to bend, then I am afraid I will have the same problem in the panel.

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Will let you do some of the research. 300.34. The conductor shall not be bent to a radius less than 8 times the overall diameter--.
I get angry and the adrenalin kicks in.

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It looks like you have too much length to the wires to make the simplest bends. Is there no way to adjust the length at either end?
With more length, you might be able to form full loops.
Having the wire free at the ends in order to twist as you bend them will also reduce the torsional spring action.

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Thanks everyone. It turns out all I needed was a second person to help me :) With the help of a friend, one person pulling other pushing, we managed to fit the wires into the box. I will try to upload another picture of the final result.

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That box is NOT big enough and not code complaint.

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petey_racer, can you please let me know why it is not code compliant? It is definitely deeper than the 400 Amp Square D panel I have. And after pushing the wires in, it did not even have sharp bends. It looks like 300.34 applies to over 600V circuits. So, I don't know which part of code it does not comply.

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OK, I think I found it, I need min 12 inch space between two conduits, so I need to use a larger box.

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