How much to install reset lights

sn002October 1, 2011

How much does it cost to have a prof install 5 reset lights to an existing room? He needs to run wires, close the dry wall and repaint. I am thinking to do it myself if it is too costly to have a prof do it.

Thank you.

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"5 reset lights"

Do you men recessed lights?

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YES. =)

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a pro can likely do it with no damage to the drywall. it probably cost ten thousand dollars

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That's about the same figure I had in mind!

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Considering the level of detail given in the OP I'd say between $100-$500 each. Sorry guys, I do think $10k is on the high side. lol

Also, I doubt you'll find a real electrician who will patch and paint. In that case you'll want a handyman for the whole job and it will probably cost $200 for everything. Just make sure your HO insurance is paid up. ;)

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If the ceiling joists are going in the 'right' direction and only fishing from fixture t fixture is required there will be a minimum of drywall damage.

As soon as you need to run a cable perpendicular to the joists more holes are required since the joists must be bored for the cable, every joist.

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