ceiling fan wiring help

picsaroOctober 30, 2010

Hi everyone. I'm installing a ceiling fan with light, that is replacing an existing ceiling fan with light. I need help with the wiring:

The fan has the following: BLACK=fan motor, BLUE=light, WHITE=neutral.

My wires from the ceiling box are BLACK, RED, WHITE, GROUND. I didnt label my ceiling wires because I'm not sure what they do. When the old fan/light was hooked up, the one switch in the room operated the light, and the fan operated completely independent of the switch. It was hooked up as BLACK-BLACK, WHITE-WHITE, BLUE-RED. The old fan has the BLACK labeleld as light.

I want the switch to control both fan and light. What are your suggestions on the connections?

thank you

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Based on your description the red wire seems to be the switched one. Cap off the black on in the ceiling box and connect both the black and blue wires from the fan to the red wire. Of course, you'll connect white to white and green to ground.

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Red controls the switch, even though previously it was connected to blue, which was my fan (which was not operated by the switch)? I would figure that the wire connected to the light (bloack) would operate the switch.

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Cap the red, use the black.

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in my house, they had 14/3, blk was live, feeding other lights, red was connected to light and fan, as well as a triac dimmer. i installed a fan control, and ran a new 14/2 to feed the other lights. works great!

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Ooops. Looks like I read your message incorrectly. The black wire is switched. Cap the red.

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cant you use a combination switch, so both are switched independently? i HATE when you only want the fan on and you have to suffer with the light on.

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