How to cap off live wires?

agrandmaOctober 24, 2011

We had a hard-wired motion-sensor floodlight outdoors attached to the house that stopped working so we had to remove it in order to return it to the store for exchange or to choose a different model. The wiring is not on a light switch or anything, it's just on all the time. After removing the light fixture we are left with just live electrical wires. What should we do to make those wires safe for a few days until we buy and install the new motion sensor light?

I tried to put plastic caps on the 3 wires (black, white and copper) but I'm afraid they are not on tight and could fall off. I also bent the wires up so hopefully the little caps will stay on....Obviously I am a novice so please reply in layman's terms. Thanks!

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Cap the white and black wires individually with a wire nut. an orange one will probably work best. There's no need to cap the bare ground.

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If that light is that the only thing on the circuit or you don't need the other lights, leave the circuit breaker turned off.

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Thanks so much. I did cap them off but the caps seemed loose. Maybe I can just screw them on tighter so they won't come off. I wish I knew if that is the only thing on one breaker, but I don't, especially since the light that was on there stopped working. I really appreciate your replies - I'll make sure it's safe today and tighten those caps! Except not the copper one - ha.

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"I did cap them off but the caps seemed loose. "

You may need a smaller wire nut.

A single #14 will not come up tight in the larger sizes.

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If it is a temporary thing, just slip on whatever wire nuts you have and use electrical tape to secure your nuts.

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