induction cooktop wiring amperage limits

carltondraughtOctober 28, 2010

Hi there,

we've recently purchased a new induction cooktop, the Fagor IFF 82R. Out of the box it's electrical connection is presented as bare wires (not a male plug), with an earth and then a pair of a pair of wires, i.e. 2 neutral and 2 live wires twisted together. The documentation says it will/can draw 32A at 240V.

My question is can i simply buy the male plug and plug it into a standard outlet, assuming i have a 32 Amp fuse on that circuit, or should we be getting new wires run to it by an electrician ? Is it ok to run 32 Amps through the standard plugs i can buy at the hardware store ?(how strict is the '16 amps' they have written on them) I'm renting and i don't no anything about the type of wiring in the house, although it is all brand new.

sorry if these seem like dumb questions



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So I noticed you called it 'an earth'. I assume you are in Europe then?
I don't know how much help you will find here if that is the case, but maybe somebody here knows. Are you actually in France?

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I don't know what your applicable electrical codes would call for in France, but I am positive that it is NOT safe or permissible to use a 16 amp rated plug on a 32 amp appliance.
If a plug can be used, as opposed to being hard-wired, the blades on the plug would probably be around 1.5 cm wide.

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Ron Natalie

Unless you had a full stove (ovens and cook top) the wiring is probably not stout enough for the current required by the induction cooktop .

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indeed i am in france, sorry i didn't make that clearer.

its a new apartment so i'm not replacing anything, so i don't think anything appropriate is in place currently im afraid.

ok looks like i'm gonna call a sparky then. cheers all !

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