help needed wiring a light switch

mattinnes1234October 27, 2013

help needed wiring up light switch
Hi all, I have a light switch that needs wiring. It is for a landing light. There is a switch downstairs that works, but it is all isolated at the moment. , but the one upstairs which switches the same light is not wired. Here is a photo,

On the switch, top is common, left = l1 and right = l2.
On the wiring, you can see on the left cable consists of red , black and earth and the cable on right has blue , red , yellow and earth ( joined to the earth of other cable.

Could some kind soul tell me what wire should go where ?

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I assume this wiring uses a UK color code that is completely different from the US. We could try to translate, but I don't know how to match one wiring convention with another.

Most boxes in the US with a 3 way switch would have one cable with black-white-ground (the same as most other wiring in the house), and one cable with black-white-red-ground. The red is the extra wire used for 3 way switch.

You may want to take a look at this web site's examples of different 3-way switch scenarios. As you can see, there are quite a few possibilities for the wiring of a 3 way switch.


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