Chandelier bulb socket needs replaced, do I rewrite too?

cleo07October 16, 2013

This morning, I heard a popping sound from my nine arm chandelier and the breaker tripped. When I flipped the breaker back, one of the bulb sockets was smoking and none of the bulbs lit up. I removed the chandelier so I could turn the breaker back on.

I know I need to replace the bulb socket.

Do i need to replace the wiring as well? I have searched online but can't figure out if the wiring was damaged or just the socket.

Thanks for any help.

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Ron Natalie

You'll have to inspect it to see if it was damaged in the process.

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When you turned it back on, the breaker stayed on despite the fact that the socket was smoking? The breaker stayed on, but the lamps in the chandelier did not light at all?

That is an indication that you've burned open the circuit that is common to all the sockets before it branches to the lamps or before the first daisy in the chain depending on how it is wired. In that case, you do need to repair the wiring or it just won't work.

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Yes, that is what happened. The breakerstayed on but the one socket continued to smoke and no other bulbs worked. I was going to replace it anyway if I can get the darn thing apart. I have to order the socket since they are 4 inches. The big box stores only carry 2 inch.

Do I have to replace all the sockets or just the burned one? If so, it is getting too expensive to repair since it was only $200 new.

Thank you.

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It is quite possible that sockets are daisy-chained and the failure at the first socket in the chain cut power to the rest of them. Of course, the arrangement of the lamps might make that a silly proposition.

Inspect the wires that are or used to be connected to the burned socket. Check the continuity between the first socket and the rest of them and the main connection to the house power.

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