painting counters

lindawing58September 16, 2012

Has anyone painted kitchen counters to look like grantite

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This link has someone who did it; hopefully she'll see your question and respond, but if not, there are a couple of pics you can see of her work. There is an old thread somewhere of someone who did her bathroom counter, too; I'll try to find it.

Here is a link that might be useful: link with painted counters.

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Here is another thread... I searched GW for Rustoleum, which is a product a few people have talked about. You could try emailing both the posters, if they don't see your post.

Here is a link that might be useful: more painted counters

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Here's the link to a thread where equest17 did a beautiful job painting a bathroom counter and updating the bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avocado Bath Update

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Just a note the link to the avocado bath shows them taping the sinks.........DON'T DO IT!!!!! Remove them then paint or you will get peeling and water damage. I did that once about 17 years ago now I remove the sinks. I learned the hard way.

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My kitchen counters were done with the rustoleum product over a year ago. We have had no issues and I like them so much better than the peach laminate.

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I painted the kitchen counters at DH's old bachelor pad that we're turning into a rental. I used Rustoleum's countertop paint for the base coat (not the Countertop Transformations kit with the sprinkles and stuff - their separate countertop paint) and then sponged on different shades of tan and brown. After it dried I brushed on polyacrylic but I still need to do another fine grit sand and poly to get rid of any brush strokes and further prevent against chips.

It isn't perfect but it's SO much better than what was there previously (faux wood look laminate that was at least 20+ years old and in terrible shape) and it was inexpensive. A few people have been in that kitchen since and never guessed the counters were painted until I pointed out an exposed edge that I still need to get an end strip to cover. My sister is now thinking about doing the same thing to either her old laminate bath vanity top or kitchen countertop.

A word of advice, though - I'd go with something other than polyacrylic since it tends to get cloudy white if you get it wet. It does dry and disappear but it still bothers me so I'll probably go over it with something like Envirotex to make it extra durable and polished.

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