Aluminum wiring question?

vgkgOctober 16, 2012

Hi there,

I've been meaning to post this question for some time now but always too busy ya know. A few years ago I removed a very small laundry room that was added to the house back in the 1970s. I've since the added a bigger room with up-to-date copper wiring. In the process I found that the main ele line feeding the old room was aluminum. I saved some of the wire which has the following specs/info on it:

E 18679 (UL) 12-2 AL Triple-E Alloy with Ground Type NM 600V

I was hoping someone here might know if this particular Al wire is ok? What makes me ask is the part "Triple-E Alloy" which might mean that it's not 100% Al but a mixture of more acceptable metals. Apparently when the old addition was added on to the house they replaced some older wiring too with the same type. Mostly the entire house is copper, just 3 lines of this type AL which feed low use outlets. I have replaced these outlets with Al friendly ones.

Thanks for any info!

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Ron Natalie

As long as all the terminations (outlets and any junctions) are done with the appropriate, rated for Aluminum devices, this should not be an issue. Triple-E is still aluminum for as the things the code cares about. It has a small amount of Iron added, primarily for heat stability. It means it will hold up better under certain connections.

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