1 phase 3 wire generator

ttorres66October 2, 2011

i have a 20KW Generator 1 phase set up as 3 wire my hose has a 4 wire plug in for the generator. i have no idea how to hook this one up to make it work correctly the Gen has 3 lugs 2 red and a black the cord that was with it is a 4 wire but the white is cut and not used it only uses the red black and green .my old generator had a 4 wire plug and that is what the hose was set to use for my old generator can i just change the plug on the new cord? or do i need to change the outlet in the house?

any help is welcome

thank you

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I respectfully submit that the best solution to your situation is to find a qualified person who will actually visit your location.

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It is more than just changing the plug.

The actual installation needs to be checked to see how the generator should be connected, no matter how it may have been connected before.

Was the bonding strap from neutral to ground removed in the previous generator?

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