Square D gfci

julianwilsoOctober 26, 2010

Our home is four years old with a Square D panel and 20-A breakers. There are four gfci breakers for kitchen and baths. They trip randomly on power outages. I took the refrigerator off the breaker because I lost a lot of food the two times we were out of town. Any suggestions as to what might be causing the breakers to trip would be appreciated. We have had no other electrical problems and Georgia Power has been pretty reliable. The afci breakers do not trip. Julian

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sounds pretty odd to me. my grandpa's never trip, and they run pool equipment. there may be a wiring problem, instead.

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I've seen receptacle GFIs trip on power interruptions and during lightning storms. My guess is that they're reacting to an asymmetrical waveform, as perhaps your breakers are.

You might try installing a secondary TVSS (surge suppressor) on your main panel and see if that helps. That's just a guess, though; I haven't yet tried it.

Some nuisance trips seem to be inevitable with GFIs. After all, their job is protect people's lives, so they usually react quickly and err on the cautious side. For that reason it's generally not recommended to connect freezers and refrigerators to GFI protected circuits.

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at our old house, we went through like 3 fridges (used, of course) because they tripped the gfi after a given time. when we replaced the gfi with a lengrand, we didnt have the problem anymore.

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"lengrand". What is this?

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Typographical error.
Square D was at the forefront of GFCI development for a long time. First with circuit breaker GFCI, first to make GFCI breaker that required only one space, first with GFCI that fitted in standard wall box. Your units might or might not be faulty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Legrand

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Get the refrigerators (and any freezers) off the GFCIs.

They are not required and, as you found out, can result in losing food for nuisance trips.

If you have a fridge or freezer that is not used daily, pout a light that IS used daily ion the circuit so you know it it trips.

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""lengrand". What is this?" havent you ever been to l's? pass and seymour lengrand? i have never seen a sqd gfi receptacle. can you show a pic?

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does ANYONE have a pic of a sqd gfi receptacle?

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