Did I mount this curtain rod too high?

SnbtwinsSeptember 2, 2014

Well, I did my research and mounted the rod high and wide and it looks way too high to me. How awful does it look, should I lower it and patch and paint the walls?? The curtains touch the floor now.


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I think it looks good. And that room is adorable!

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I don't know what the "right" thing to do is, but I like the way it looks. To me, it opens up and defines the space.

Very pretty room, btw.

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You may get different opinions here, and I know "high and wide" is the trend, but I would have placed it lower on the wall and then hemmed the drapes.

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Yes, it is too high. It should be a little over half that distance above the window frame.

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I really like the curtains, and the room is adorable.

But maybe you want something to fill that blank space above the window? Just a little doodad that says, "Yes, I did this on purpose!"

Something that echoes and emphasizes the style of the room? Something like this, maybe?

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the trend is/was(?) to hang panels near the ceiling regardless of window height, but to me that usually doesn't look nice/right...
I would mount them just above the frame on that window...

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I think Mclarke's idea is a good one!

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I actually think it is the width of the window treatment rather than the height that looks off. Have you tried pulling them in more to the outer trim. The present hanging makes the windows very boxy and does nothing to elongate the windows therefore deleting the disired effect for hanging treatments high. Sweet room by the way.

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If I were up to changing it, I'd widen the rod a bit, to where the sides of the frames show when the drapes are pushed aside. The fabric seems lightweight and the rod is pretty thin. I'd prefer to let drapes and rod disappear to the outside of the window trim when opened.

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It is not too high for current trends, which is to hang it high in order to add visual height to the room.

However, having just done the same thing, it felt a big odd to me too. I have ordered bamboo blinds to fill in that wall space.


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I like mclarke's suggestion..

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Hmmm, if your curtains are hung so high you are looking for doodads to fill the space......

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Please no doodads! There is nothing wrong with having some blank space above a window.

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Thanks for all the nice comments on the room!

Do you think it would help if I used curtain rings with clips instead of using the rod pocket? It would lower them slightly (probably not enough). With the clips, I could widen the rod without having to patch the walls. The bracket is in the way when using the rod pocket, unfortunately.

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I think I'd like to try the look with clips. That way, they could be opened wider/scrunched more. I think wider might translate to "not too high".

Worth trying the clips before you move the rod, I'd think.

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I think part of the problem is that there isn't enough fabric. Two more panels would look better.

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Altho they would've been better a little lower, they don't look bad at all, higher up. There's not quite enough fabric for that width window, so I wouldn't open them up more, or they'll look skimpy.
The clip ons will make them look cheap.
Just leave them the way they are. They look pretty.

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I would make an adjustment -- lowering the rod, adding a second set of sheers and filling the rod, then pulling them back on each side (or try pulling them back jut towards the corner of the wall) or hanging a white shade behind them to fill the empty space.

To me, the problem is that the sheer fabric doesn't have enough weight to pull off that look. Not only are you seeing the green above the window, but you see it through the fabric -- the illusion of added height just isn't there. You can add more fabric, block the sheers or lower the rod. You could also try a single panel draped across to create a valance -- not the trendiest look, but it's consistent with the feminine furnishings. .

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Holly- Kay

This is why I never can make myself buy curtains. I will have to have custom, or none at all like I have now.

SNB, I love the room. It is so pretty. I know the trend is to hang high and wide but I will be darned if I can get use to all the dead space it creates above the window. I think I would double up on the panels to give more fullness and do like Mtn did and hang blinds high to cover the dead space, or consider a valance box. I am linking a pinterest page and I love the top second from the left idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: valancebox

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I like it where it is. The room looks smallish and the higher curtains draw your eyes up. Cute room.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I wonder if part of it is that the green wall is visible through the sheer white curtain. Just wondering if an opaque fabric would look more "correct" (in a visual sense).

The other question is (for purely visual reasons): the height of the rod and curtains draws the eye upward, correct? In this case, the eye is drawn up to...a heating vent right there. Does that affect the situation also?

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I agree with Lascatx's point, and Holly-Kay's (that curtains are a PITA and very hard to get right without going custom).

The curtains are sheer and kind of skimpy, and that is highlighted by the darkish wall color. It also makes the blank space stand out more.

I wonder if you can put a second set of something behind them so they are not as see through.

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In a prior home I added a wide (tall) trimmed board which matched the casings, above the window and mounted the rod to it. Eliminated the issue and looked nice.

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Is the rod sagging in the middle or is it my poor vision? If so, you will need something (bracket) to support it, but I think you need either blinds to fill in that space or you are going to need more panels. I like the room without a doodad.

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I like the high and wide mantra, but I do think this is slightly high. With lower ceilings I believe it looks best to center the rod between the trim and the ceiling. The room looks great though :)

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I think you can work with it there, as long as it is what you like. Is it too high for me- slightly. But I would rather it too high than too low, and I wouldn't want to be bothered making another hole in the wall! I do agree that you should get a liner or blackout liner to make them less sheer. I did that with my daughter's room. I also used curtain rings to ease the opening and closing, which we do several times a day for naps. Here are a couple of pics to show how sheers become less sheer with the liners. Also, I bought them through Serena & Lily, but I am sure they are available ready cut from elsewhere.

I know this one is mounted slightly too high for the curtain length. Drives me nuts but I don't want to put another set of holes in the wall!!

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Wow, thanks again for all your suggestions.

This window treatment has been a dilemma from the start. I wanted to get a custom roman shade but my daughter and I could not agree on a fabric. Finally after months of her rejecting fabrics and trims, I threw up my hands and ordered these sheers from pottery barn kids and a Hunter Douglas cellular shade which we lower at night.

Some of you suggested blinds or shades to put in the open space between the window and rod, but then I would have the cellular shade, sheers and something else. That would be overkill and expensive, right?

I had decided on the sheers because her room doesn't get much natural light and I didn't want to block any light coming in from the window during the day.

The height of the rod definitely bothers me, but as some of you pointed out, the panels are skimpy so will I like it even with the rod lowered? If I get two additional panels will that be too bulky behind her headboard and block too much of the window?

Meanwhile, the cost of the sheers and the shade is more than a custom roman shade would have cost and it definitely doesn't look as nice.

mamorella- I love your daughters room! Beautiful.

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holly-kay- the valence box is an interesting idea. That might work if I could figure it out. Thanks.

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I think where to hang curtain rods have to do with personal style, but in this case, I think if you put some art above your daughters bed it might keep the drapes from looking too high in comparison to her bed.
I did a quick virtual using part of a work of "art" I grabbed offline in the right colors. Not saying it's the right size either, just the right colors to maybe give you an idea of what it would look like. Sorta. :^D

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Adorable room. The only issues to me are that rod is too thin, and your curtain doesn't fit properly on the rod. You could solve both problems by getting a thicker rod. The casing that the rod goes in should fit more snuggly around the rod, and then it will hang better.

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If you don't want to change the rod, you could stitch a header making the casing fit better.

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I agree with bestyears that I think a thicker rod is needed. The curtains are drooping on it and don't look all that attractive.

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I ironed the panels, did that help enough to keep the rod where it is? LOL

justgotabme - that looks really nice. thanks.

I wasn't sure what I was going to hang over the bed. I was thinking maybe a round mirror or I have two other possibilities attached below. The monogram would be in a whiter frame, I just threw it in a frame I had on hand. What do you think?

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RNmomof2 zone 5

I think that ironing the curtains appears to give them more body and fullness and would not bother me how they are hanging now.

I love the monogram, where is it from? To fill the space above the bed how about framing it in a larger frame with more mat showing around it? I think that the two art options are not big enough for above the bed.

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My personal opinion is that the rod is way too high. Perhaps a bigger rod would help, but I think I'd still rather have it lower.

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Pretty room! How about covering that stretch of wall above the window with a piece of lace? The wall color would show behind the lace & unite the window treatment. Depending on the drop between the rod & the window molding, could simply drape the lace over the top of the existing curtains & the rod, pinning in place behind with those little brass safety pins. If you sew, you could make two buttonholes in the back of the lace's rod pocket where the lace fills the gap in the curtains so the lace could be slipped onto the rod there, and sew the ends straight across the top of the side curtains, so it would hang from them rather than directly from the rod. Even by hand, a simple job. I'd want the center lace to be nearly straight on the rod, rather than ruched, so the pattern would show clearly, with the drop just touching the top of the window framing or slightly below. It would gather on top of the side curtains with them if sewn on. If just framing the rod to window by folding it over the rod & curtains & pinning, I'd keep it straight or just slightly gathered for a tailored look. Would also solve the transparency of the side curtains against the top of the wall by covering it along with the rod itself. Sort of a soft version of a valance box.

Searched "lace valance" looking for straight edge ones. The link is to a vintage yet new old stock, unused, Quaker Lace plain valance that may echo the bedspread design. These old Quaker Laces are mostly cotton (80% - with 20% poly so they can be machine washed on gentle with warm water & dried on low), so they have enough heft to do the job & hang well. Made my first curtains out of Quaker Lace tablecloths in this blend many moons ago, and still have them, so can verify their quality.

Anything to avoid changing out the rod or rehanging it is a good idea to my way of thinking! Think this would fit right in with the vintage with modern touches blend you have going & add subtle charm. A simple rectangular scarf of another less transparent material could also be used in the same way. but I think the soft graphic of the lace would be most appealing in your setting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Quaker Lace

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You're welcome snbtwins.
I agree that the art you have might be a little to small. Since you said you used a frame you happened to have, I'm assuming your up for changing it. I agree with rnmomof2 about putting the monogram in a larger white frame, but I'd use double matting such as in the virtual below.

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Mmomof2- the monogram is from Prep Obsessed. They have flash sales on Facebook.

Justgotabme-that looks great, thanks!

Thanks again everyone. I'm going to live with it for a little while and then decide.

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Love that monogram; so cute!

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You're welcome.

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