Automatic outdoor lighting help?

pbx2_gwOctober 21, 2013

Am looking to turn on my garage lights at night time.
Currently have a 3 gang light switch like this where one operates the outdoor lights.

Thinking about using below combo as my first electrical job for our new build house - any suggestions or other options recommended?

Honeywell RPLS530A 7-Day Programmable Timer Switch

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Are the lights incandescent?

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The bulbs in the fixtures are currently.
But I plan to switch them out to CFL or LED in the future.

Any problems with that plan?

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Ron Natalie

Yes, CFLs and LED lighting will be a problem with that one. That version of the timer is only in incandescent (regular and halogen) loads. They make a similar one RPLS730B and RPLS731B that can switch other loads (it's just a motorized switch).

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Ooooh - I didnt catch that.
Thanks ronnatalie for the feedback.

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Ron Natalie

Yeah, I learned that one the hardway myself. I put the Incandescent only timer in and my wife plugged all her CFL grow lights in and they sat their flickering.

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