2-2-2-4 Wire question

kyhunter14October 16, 2009

I am putting electric in my garage. It is a 100 amp box. Had 3 strand 2-2-2 aluminum (with the 4 left out) through the box, meterbase, and up through the weatherhead. Inspector said I needed 2/0 aluminum instead. Everyone I talked to said this was crazy and was too much ampage. Anyway, I called another inspector and he said 3/2 was what to use. Is this the same as what I had in it to begin with (2-2-2-4, just leaving the 4 out)?


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Yes, but you need the fourth wire. This sub-feed needs to have a dedicated ground wire.

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In KY (unless something has changed in the last couple of years), most places will pass #4 copper or #2 aluminum for a 100A service. A few places used to insist on #3 copper, IIRC. I have no idea what "3/2" means, every KY electrician or inspector I know would say "use number 2 aluminum" or "use number 4 copper" when talking about this.

It sounds as if you started with "2-2-2-4 URD", which is intended for underground use. That could be part of the reason the inspector turned you down.

You should be aware that KY makes it very difficult for "another inspector" to pass an installation that has already been turned down by the a different previous inspector. So you will probably end up putting in 2/0 Al to make this pass anyway.

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"petey racer"-I think he is putting in a seperate overhead service, not a subpanel. I took "...through the box, meterbase, and up through the weatherhead.." to indicate that anyway.

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Uh...duh. I guess I missed that very obvious part.
Now where's that little red faced icon.......

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