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bshanleyOctober 20, 2013

Prior to buying my house, the house inspector noted that the sole outlet on the lanai did not work. The owner was furious, insisting that it did. I was long distance, but the realtor confirmed that it worked. We moved in six months ago, and for six months, all has been fine. Until two days ago, when the outlet no longer worked. The radio that was plugged into it works elsewhere in the house. I'm very unclear as to what circuit the outlet is actually on, but no other lights, appliances, etc. are failing and all the breakers are in the on position. Should I just try resetting each breaker, should I flip the master breaker and investigate manually, or is something else at play? As always, thanks in advance.

Update, 10/22. I waited until a visit from my stepdaughter was over before I investigated further. Lo and behold, the GFCI in the GUEST bathroom was tripped. Reset, and the outside receptacle is working again. Strange circuit, though? Thanks for the excellent advice.

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Ron Natalie

Look at other outside, basement, or bathroom outlets for a tripped GFCI. Flipping the breakers might identify a tripped breaker that you're missing. Some manufacturers tripped position isn't far off from the ON position.

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yep, the outdoor outlet will be on a gfci circuit (nec), pretty sure it's tripped and you have other outlets on that same circuit that arent working

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It is most likely switched or on a GFCI.

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