Can I install electric switch for my gas heater?

stripedbassOctober 18, 2013

I have a Vermont Castings direct vent gas heater. The model is Stardance. The model number is SDV30RF. It's made for propane but has a conversion kit so that it can work with gas.

It's operated with a remote control.

But what if I wanted to have an electric switch installed on the wall to operate the heater? Is this possible? If so, would the switch be able to do anything other than to turn the heater on and off?

I'm including a photo of my heater.

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Ron Natalie

Yes, if you have the manual for it, you'll see that there are places to attach a regular on/off switch or even a thermostat rather than using the remote.

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Yes, I have the manual for it. Actually, my plumber has the manual (he borrowed it) and will return it to me tomorrow.

Are you sure there is part in the manual that explains how I can install an electric switch for it? I really want to believe you.

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Ron Natalie

Yes, it does. You can download it off Vermont Castings site as well.

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Thank you very much! Through your response I noticed that the manual ( states that I have an option for a Wall mounted thermostat control.

Sorry for being so clueless. Does this mean that the thermostat has to be wired to my heater?

The reason why this question is very important is that I'm currently having electrical work done in my home so it would be an ideal time to tackle this issue.

My concern for having a wall control of any kind is so that I can have a way of running my heater should the remote control get lost or damaged.

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Ron Natalie

Nope, you can use either the switch or a thermostat.

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Sorry but I didn't understand your response.

What switch are you talking about?

Right now I just have a remote control.

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Ron Natalie

Look at the pictures, you can hook a switch to the terminals provided for that. Any electrician that can read should be able to handle this.

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Actually, the instruction manual shows connections for a different controller (not the "rf" series). If you look underneath your stove, you'll notice that there are different connectors and a different configuration, wiring, etc. After 8 years, my controller has started to fail and allows the stove to remain fully on or not to come on at all, despite the thermostat settings.

I've contacted our local dealer who tells me that 1). The controller is no longer being made. 2). The complete burner unit will have to be replaced at a cost of about $400-$450 to allow for a thermostat to be wall-mounted. We're in the process of ordering the parts for that option since my wife has cancer and we cannot "chance" a stove failure.

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