Drapery Rod Finials and Windows Close to Walls

jan_in_wisconsinSeptember 21, 2011

I have a question about drapery rod finials and windows close to walls. In our MBR (yes, this is the same project I've posted about recently, for those who've loyally followed!), I would like to purchase new drapery rods because we have a set of corner windows where I'm presently using separate rods and would rather have larger rods with a corner connector.

I found some nice substantial rods that have a corner connector through JCP. I really like the large clear finials on the ends of them.

Here's the problem. The single window on the left side of the bed is quite close to the wall (about 4"). There is room for the finial to fit, but it will create a situation where the rod will only extend about 1.5" past the trim.

On the right side of the bed are the corner windows. I will use a connector for those and a finial on each outer rod end.

Here are what I think my options are:

1. Mount the hardware where needed to use the finial (1.5" outside the trim) and mount the remaining hardware in the same location for all windows, although I would like to hang them further past the trim.

2. Mount the hardware where I would like and simply use end caps on all rods.

3. Mount the hardware for the side close to the wall with an end cap, while still using the decorative finials on the remaining rod ends (other than corner).

I would like to do option #3. Will it look alright to have only one finial on the single window to the left of the bed so that the drapery can be pushed further toward the corner?

Here are some pictures:

Corner windows where I'll use a connector and finals on outsides of each window only:

Tight space between left window and wall (want to use one finial on right side only):

And, yes, I will be raising the rods and using rings so the draperies can be hung higher.

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Jan: I did your option #3 in my great room, where the windows are like yours, too close to the wall. It drove me crazy to only have one finial where there should be two. I finally had DH move the rod. My finials, though, were fairly large and more noticeable.

I'm POSITIVE no one but me ever noticed, or cared.


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it will look perfectly fine on the corner windows... for the single side window, it would look better with 2 unless you really have the curtain right up against the wall in the corner.

in our basement, we have a french door (double where only one side opens) leading outside and it looked so plain with no window treatment on it. but, there is a 'soffit' like piece that makes the door sortof recessed so that i couldn't hang a rod above the door. i ended up hanging a short rod only on the left(nonopening)side 'door' and used a finial only on one end and had the rod go right up to the wall on the other---the panel goes right up to the wall and i think it looks fine! (if you can understand that!)

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I think it will look fine if you put the rod to the wall and curtain to the wall on the single window, with one finial. On the other side of the bed, you basically have the same arrangement -- one finial and the curtain to the wall. The other panel will be the same -- curtain to the corner wall and one finial on the end. It should look great and well planned.

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Thanks all.

I think I'm going to do the one finial on the left window, with just an end cap on the left side of it. Annie, you're right that it will mirror the other side of the room, which will also have just one finial on the back wall window, due to the corner.

I really like the rods, and I'd like to make them work so I don't need to return them.

I do love symmetry, and even though there will be only one finial on that window, at least it's symmetrical with the other window across the room.

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Jan, I hope it works out for you. I do love symmetry in curtains and drapery treatments, as well. And I have to say I'm struggleing with a similar problem of my own. I will post pictures sof my dilemma if you post pictures of your solution!

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