What can I put over the bed?

wellalrightythenSeptember 25, 2012

See the shape of the headboard? I am having trouble finding something to put over the bed. The wall is 62 1/2 " it is 35 1/2" from headboard to ceiling, and 15" from top of window frame to ceiling. I am waiting to see what to put over bed to see what kind of window treatments would fit. Any window treatment ideas would be appreciated also. (and lamps??)

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I would put longer, more substantial rods above the windows and hang drapes. You would need to pull the bed out about 4-6 inches to accommodate the drapes that will fall a bit behind the bed. Then I would assess whether to put anything above it.

IMO, drapes give more "bang for the buck" than wall decorations.

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Thanks, for the suggestion

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Graywings said just what I was going to say. I think your rods need to extend far enough to allow the panels to hang almost entirely beyond the window, with the inside edges just covering the side edges of the window. And also to be higher - at least halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Then you can furnish the space between the panels with a tall skinny mirror, a pair of prints, or whatever you like.

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I agree w/the drapery change - I love lots of pillows on a bed- but your headboard is very pretty - I wonder if you should change the way you are making your bed. Maybe remove the euro-shams, Put the pillows flat, roll down your duvet (part way) and let your headboard be the decoration you are looking for.

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I felt the same way with my bed. I also have windows that flank the bed on either side but mine are a bit farther away than yours. Although I have a lot of framed art I could have put above it, I didn't want to take away from my pretty headboard. I also felt that the shape of a straight-edged picture frame or a round/oval mirror would work against the scrolled shape of my headboard. It may not be your choice, I found a simple cross that I've hung there and love the look. The ceiling is high enough that I felt I did need something there, but it didn't have to fill the space. I don't have a good pic, but here's the one I do have.

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Thanks Lynn, I actually do like the cross.

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I would love to see you add some modeling around these huge windows to really show them off (they are a great asset) and then hang a drapery rod all the way across both windows and back of bed. picture example below...

then, since your headboard is lower than the inspiration shot to add extra punch why not hang a mirror or piece of art in front of the the curtain centered over the bed

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