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buckeyewillyOctober 29, 2009

Two years ago we built a small cabin on the back of our pond that sits on our 1 acre pond. Distance from the house is approximately 1500 feet. The local power company wants an outrageous amount to run seperate service to the cabin. Presently, I have a 100 amp service in the cabin that is run by a 5600 watt generator that is in a seperate out building near the cabin.

I would love to run some electric back to this cabin that would run the following -

mini fridge 1.2 amps,

sm tv 1.7 amps,

lighting 2.8 amps.

Here is the balance of the electrical items that we use.

2.5 gal. hot water heater 12.5 amps

microwave - 8 amps

toaster oven - 8 amps

coffee pot - 7.5 amps

Our water system is feed by a 12 volt pump. I do own a Kubota with back hoe so I can dig the trench for direct burial cable. What size wiring would I need to accomplish this. I am open to any and all ideas.



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What exactly do you consider "an outrageous amount"? You may find that it is quite reasonable when you start comparing it to 1500+ ft of 500mcl Quadplex.

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I believe their cost was $12000.

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If 2/0 aluminum would cut it, the wire would run about $6,000. Then it is all you, trenching/ installation.

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1500ft of 2/0 AL would drop about 8 volts at 20A. You could watch the lights and know when your water heater was up to temperature.

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I think my post might have been misleading. I am only interested in supplying enough power to cover the fridge, lighting & tv which is about 6 amps. The balance of the appliances we would continue to use the generator as needed. Just having the fridge and lights would be great!!

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Using a voltage drop calculator and 30 amps as a reference you need to use 350 MCM.

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Even at a 20A load, you need 4/0, and that's if you run a 120/240 feeder for a subpanel.

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If i was you, I would invest in a solar panel system with batteries. It would probably be cheaper than running wire.

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If it was mine, I might consider using step-up transformer at the source and step-down at the point of use. THWN is rated at 600 volts- requires conduit. Impractical for your distance. Type UF-B cable is typically rated at 600 volts. But you will spend $6000 or more on the cheapest setup I can envision.
Without the step-up, use of 120/240 will cut voltage losses to 1/4 that of 120 volt supply for the same amperage if the loads on the 120/240 are evenly divided between the poles. Cable for the 120/240 costs considerably more, but use of smaller size may be possible.

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