butting fluorescent luminaires

ionized_gwOctober 1, 2013

What are the options and best practice for passing power supply and ballast wires between two fluorescent luminaires that fully butted against each other, special conduit, clamps or bushings? I am contemplating a new installation. I surely don't want to ask at the big-box store.

I have at least one continuous pair like that, but the reflectors are 8' long and, are so heavy, I have not been tempted to take them down to look inside. (It is a two-person job unless I take the time to rig a sling of some sort.) I've got a mix of conduit and romex in that area. I've got some conduit bits and parts on hand, I don't know how to use it, but with a little help, I can probably figure it out.

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Ron Natalie

Most of the fixtures are designed to be fed from the top. There are a few I've seen that have channels down the center for wiring that reach the end but you'd still have to come up with some sort of bushing to feed through if you were to do that.

You install the appropriate fitting for the wiring scheme you are using. You don't need a box at the fixture as you can make the connections inside. Nice thing if they are surface mounted is that if you have to cut some holes in the ceiling, the fixture will cover up your patch job.

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For butting end-to-end, a chase nipple and a locknut can be used. No time to look up a code reference at the moment but extending the supply conductors to other fixtures is a common practice.

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I was having a little trouble visualizing that, but I see it now that I leave symmetry behind . Insert the nipple from one luminaire into the other, attach the lock nut, feed wires through. Sounds easier than pie. At least easier than re-attaching the conduit from existing, saved luminaire to the one that I am replacing.


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