Which outlet is a switched outlet?

decor8for2October 13, 2009

My DH is a simple project kind of guy, so when we wanted to change out our old outlets in the bedrooms we thought it would be simple enough. Each bedroom "had" a switchable outlet due to no overhead lighting and he just rewired the new outlet the same as the old one.

I never really noticed but months after he changed them I went to plug in a lamp and it no longer worked by turning on the switch. After reading many, many post on here I now realise that he didn't remove the tab between the outlet.

I would like to be sure that when he goes back and removes this tab he gets the correct outlet. Is there a way to tell for sure which outlet once worked by the switch? Or does it really matter as long as it's on the same line?

Thanks for all your help on here


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Ron Natalie

It's going to be difficult. The receptacle that needs the tab removed is going to have two wires going to the bronze screw side of it. However, some builders may have also used the receptacle for feeding through to other receptacles which would also have multiple wires going to that side (though a giveaway *might* be only one white wire going to the receptacle).

Your guess of the "tab" problem is correct if the light is on all the time now (no matter where the switch is). If the light dosen't come on, then it's something else.

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The receptacle in question will likely have either a red and black wire connected to the receptacle or a white wire connected to a black wire in the box.

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