Get these curtains, something else, or wait?

SheeshareeIISeptember 15, 2010

I'm so close to getting ready to dive into this room.

Ordering this bed next month in the Antique Bronze finish (not shown)

Planning on ordering this bedding because my cats are ruining the pretty red bedding I have and it hasn't been out long. Grr..

Flowers in the bedding are labeled as cream but the checks are black and white.

I have a 78" wide in the room and was planning on buying a bamboo roman and using stationary panels at the sides.

Someone on here suggested IKEA's Aina curtains in the color "bleached". I was thinking of using something solid like that or sheers. My friend travels a lot and recently said she wanted to make a trip there and could pick some up for me (can't order them online). She's busy, travels a lot, and doesn't go to IKEA often.

They're 100% linen also so I'm wondering if they're wrinkle really once iron and up in place?

Do you think I should go ahead and have her pick up 2 sets for me or should I wait until I have the bedding? God love her, but she's not the most organized person and I'll admit I'm slightly impatient so I really don't want to even attempt to have her return them if they don't work.

I like the price ($49 for the pair) and haven't seen any white or off white curtains really that aren't shiny silk or taffeta in stores - while I like them both, I don't think that will work in the room and whatever I end up with must be machine washable.

Think I should be considering another color of curtains for the bedding? I was thinking of adding some type of coordinating trim or fringe down the edge to make them look more custom with the bedding.

The walls are white and I'll be painting. I was hoping a shade of gold or warm white will work with the bedding. Maybe something like SW Blonde or Restrained Gold or BM Palace White.

The room has white/cream carpet and the rest of the furniture is cherry.


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I have these curtains in green, and love them. I have to admit that I haven't ironed or washed them, so I can't say how those activities would affect them.

I am not sure how they would look in your room. We chose them because we needed to add texture to a room. They are VERY rustic in texture. Is that what you are seeking?

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My style is pretty traditional but I've been very drawn to rustic and texture lately. I like that very much but I'm curious to see what the experts here say about that in my room.

That's good info, thanks!

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Target has white linen curtains for 13.99 a panel. I have them in a natural linen color. you can order online and return at a target if you have one near you. I ironed them before I hung them and they look great. they are not lined but not too sheer either. they are washable too. they come in 54 x 84 inches- I don't know how long you need.
But you know, I would wait until I got the bedding but that is just me.

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I love that bedding combination, it is so cute. Think the curtains will be great with the bamboo roman shade. White curtains is what they have on the walls in that picture with the linens and they look crisp and clean. That bed frame is beautiful and will look wonderful.

How will your kitties do in the newly decorated room? Maybe they need a scratching post and the door needs to be shut so they can't get in that room. MEOW!!!

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I just put up dropcloth curtains and I really love them. They were meant as just a temporary measure but I'm thinking I'll keep them. They are a rough linen in a natural color. Get them from Home Depot if you try this, Lowes supposedly has seams in all of theirs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dropcloth drapes

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Boy you are busy !!! Just saw the great job you did on the stairs, and right onto the bedroom. I am in awe of your energy, LOL!
Both the bed, and the bedding are great. I especially love the bedding- really pretty. If you can stand to, I think I would wait until the bedding arrives b4 ordering the curtains. I think the linen would be great, but I think you'll know for sure once you get the bedding home. Can't wait to see how it all comes together !

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laura mcleod

I have those curtains throughout my house in the white/bleached and LOVE them. They are airy, neutral and go with everything. Case in point - We just finished a major remodel and my dining room went from chocolate brown to a greyed lavendar and the white linen curtains are still perfect. I wash them often - cold water delicate and just hang them dry on the rods. I pull them taunt when hanging them and that pulls out most of the big wrinkles. I also like that they are long, I have them on a rod close to the ceiling and it makes my windows look larger than they are. HTH!

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Cooper - I want to get a chunkier rod and raise it up so I'll need something longer. That was the other problem, if I could find some that weren't silk or taffeta they were too short.

Vampiressn - They have a scratching post and use it. I should've explained better. They don't actually claw the bedding but their nails snag, even though they're trimmed. They get ripping and tearing. The material on the red bedding I have is pretty delicate. I'm not sure how to describe it. Snags very easy. I just don't want to plan my whole room around that bedding and have it looking really shaggy in 6 months.

Tracie - Good idea and that would be cheap! I thought of using those for a liner for the roman before but didn't think about curtains. That might work out nice. I would need to cut and hem the bottom but I think I can handle that. I would only need one for each side and they'd be nice and full. (72 w x 108" l) I have rings already from the LR curtains that I'm not using.

Homebody - Ha, thanks. I feel like I'm dragging with project lately. I've been wanting to put this room together on and off for at least a year now. If money grew on trees I would've been done already but I would've ended up reselling the original wood poster bed I was considering because it's too big for the room and who knows what else I would've wanted to change had it not of worked out that I needed to wait. ;)

Laura - I love hearing that you like yours also. Good deal.

I guess since I've waited this long I'll just wait until I get the bedding. Once that's on the bed, I have some 84" white sheers I could hang to get an idea if longer sheers would work. I can also buy one of those drop cloths to check out. My friend would make a trip for me later I'm sure I'll just have to wait until she has the time to go.

Still interested in hearing any thoughts you may have about the curtains or the room in general.

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