Need to replace fed thru outlet

mikezusaOctober 1, 2013

Found another outlet needing replacement. Instead of being pigtailed or using the second set of screws 14/2 run coninuous thru one set of screws with a portion of insulation removed.

Im assuming snipping the wires and pigtailing a short piece with a yellow wire nut is the proper fix but the box is 4x2x1/2 approx and my reference book says I can only have 5 #14?

What would be the proper fix?

Replace outlet in in current configuration and try to get the loop around the new screws (remove screw totally to do it?)

Or would I use the second set of screwson the outlet in this case to feed thru?

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Ron Natalie

A pig tail doesn't change the box fill.

You can wimp out and put the loop around the new device screw. I'm not sure why you think you need to remove the screw. Just spread the loop out enough to clear and squeeze it back together. Yeah it will be work hardened a bit but it can be done.

If it's not a MWBC you can use the device itself to join two wires.

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I just realized that a pigtail wire doesnt count. When I first read that I thought that meant the wirenut doesnt count in the fill but the counductor does.

So in this case a 4/2/1.5 handy box would have 3 #14 wires under each yellow nut and the outlet itself.


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Ron Natalie

Two conductors in, two conductors out = 4 conductors
The receptacle = 2 conductors
Grounds = 1 conductor
TOTAL = 7 conductors

14g is 2 cubic inches, you've exceeded that box flll (presumably 13 cu in for a "handy box" of that size) both the way it is NOW and the after you put in the pigtail. As I stated, NEITHER the pigtail nor the wirenut count in the box fill calculation.

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I just pigtailed it too.

The box opening and cut out in panelling is 4x2 but its recessed a little deeper than 2", I think there is a mud ring. In this case the nuts rested below the opening if that makes sense.

Also no grounds (metal box mechanical ground).

Everything fit inside nicely and was easy to stuff back back of the box.

Did I screw this installation up? Safety hazard?

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Ron Natalie

You said it was a 4x2x1.5 handy box, now you're changing, but 4x2x2 still doesn't give you enough room and I've never seen a "mudring" for a single gang box. How is the receptacle grounded? Any GROUND wire even one from the box to the device (whether or not the the supply lines have separate ground conductors) gets charged as 1 conductor.

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Mudring is not the right term. Im not sure what you would call it.

I believe its a 4x4x1.5 square box. It has a cover to hold the device. But its not a cover like you see with 2 holes for both yokes. Its a single cutout for the entire outlet.

What do you call this plate?

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Ron Natalie

You've lost me, but I have a strange feeling we're talking about a decora switchplate, which doesn't change box capacity.

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