Wiring undercabinet lights

wg999October 13, 2010

Tried to post some other place, but now can't find - hope electric skills better than my computer skills. Question for anyone willing to help. I am doing kitchen remodel and placing 110 hardwired undercabinet lighting. Romex from switch to light fixture. Is it proper and normal to run cable from wall through the back lip of (under) cabinet to light fixture leaving small piece of exposed romex stapled under cabinet. Other than low voltage, is there some other way this is normally done? Thanks for your help on this.

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You posted it in that other post, about 4 down from this one right now, also titled undercabinet lights.

I don't know what you mean by 'through the back lip of (under) cabinet', but if you mean you run it out of the wall, staple it to the bottom of the cabinet, and then into the fixture using an appropriate connector, then yes, that is what is done normally.

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Thanks - Thats exactly what I meant - I refered to the lip as the botton of sides that run around the perimeter. My concern was the small amount of exposed romex that is stapled under cabinet and exposed.

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