putting outlet into brick

homeimprovementdivaOctober 6, 2009

we just bought a house and want to put our tv over the fireplace like we had at our old house but this one has brick from floor to ceiling. Is it possible to put an electrical outlet into the brick?

We haven't moved in yet and I can't remember if there is an outlet close by to run it to but we have a 2yr old boy who is curious about electricity and outlets so we'd rather not go that route if the outlet wouldn't be blocked by furniture or something.

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Yes, it is possible to put an outlet in a brick wall. How difficult that is going to be depends on the specific construction details. For instance, if this is a brick veneer over a hollow interior wall, it's pretty easy to chisel out a brick and put in an outlet. If it's a solid masonry fireplace, the challenge could be considerable.

My recommendation would be to call an electrician and get an estimate.

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If your kid is curious about electricity, you might want to get some safety covers like those shown in the link below. That's what I used for outlets where we were plugging and unplugging things frequently, like the vacuum, or that had something plugged in where the plug was readily accessible. They take about 15 seconds to install. For other receptacles where the plug-ins are rarely or never used, you can buy those push-in caps for about 25 cents apiece, and they are very difficult for a kid (or even an adult) to get out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Safety covers

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