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sum1October 31, 2009


We have an outdoor post light that the electrician WAS supposed to wire for us ......after WE did all of the following ourselves(long story short,he screwed us, we were stupid )anyway....

the post is set, wired, 14g thhn run through conduit and buried, run up side of house through an lb to the basement right along side the panel....

we have a 14/2 wire fished to the upstairs by the door for a switch, we have the following materials that WE purchased to complete this project..

a 4x4 junction box,& a 15a breaker , is it possible to complete the rest of this ourselves??

seems like its a matter of tying it all together, but I have heard that there is a certain way to connect wires when installing a wall switch to the post light...something about a switch loop or something??

anyone want to try to explain???

and if it at all matters we will be installing on the same breaker in the same junction box at another time soffitt lights for a porch that will also be connected to its own wall switch,

should I call a new electrician???

I really am leary of any right now (sorry, bad experience)

thanks in advance

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simple switch loop setup.

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It's not that hard to do this, but I can't tell if you have any electrical wiring experience. If not, get some help from a knowledgeable friend or a reliable electrician so that you're safe and you don't create a fire or electrocution risk.

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Most thhn is also rated thwn. If yours isn't, then you have a problem with it in an underground (wet) location. The conduit will fill with condensed water.

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