Pop-in handle tie?

bpparkOctober 23, 2013

I have several multi-wire circuits but the (vertically adjacent) breakers in my Square-D box were never given handle ties. Is there a quick-and-dirty way to add them without opening the panel and pulling the breakers out? The plastic and metal varities of the type I've seen (see photo) do not seem designed to be inserted after the fact. Is there some other variant that I don't know about?

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Ron Natalie

Nope, but it's usually no big thing. You don't have to remove the breakers fully, you can just pop them off the bus and spread them enough to fit the tie in and put them back. If the space adjacent to one of the breakers is empty, you may not even need to do that.

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Thanks. I was afraid of that. I was hoping some genius had figured out a way to make these with spring-loaded pins!

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Ron Natalie

I forgot to mention, that if you take the panel cover off you can often wiggle the breakers far enough apart to get the tie in. The front panel of the QO panel actually provides some mechanical integrity to the breakers (as opposed to the QOB that are fixed in their own right).

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You were right -- they wiggled. Thanks.

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