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johnc777October 11, 2009

The much better half has decided she'd like a new kitchen. Cabinets, appliances, counter tops, floors, etc. We'll probably do a lot of the work ourselves and I worked as a carpenter year ago until some medical problems took me out of the game.

I'm trying to put a plan together with some guesstimate of costs. The house was built about 1972 so I'm sure we'll need to do some (maybe a lot) of electrical work to bring things up to date. I feel confident I can do the work but want to check on the code. I'll eventually talk to the town and pull a permit and have it inspected in any case but don't want to look like too much of a dummy. Our town uses the 2002 electric code but I think they may be switching to 2008 in the future. I was hoping someone would help with a checklist.

The "main" space is L shaped, maybe 10 feet with cooktop, range, and microwave on the long leg. Sink with disposal and dishwasher on short leg maybe 6'. Then there's another wall with fridge and about 5' of countertop.

Electric oven - she wants to move it. I need to upgrade to 3 wire (plus ground). 50 amp with 6 gauge wire?

Microwave - she wants a built in kind. Is a 15 amp circuit sufficient.

Applicances - I know I need two 20 amp dedicated circuits and spacing is no more than 4 feet for the plugs. How about that other counter area (not part of the L)? Can that be part of those two circuits or do I need a third? GFI of course.

Dishwasher/dispoal -- a 15 amp circuit for each?

Other "wall" outlets (not on the counter). Can they be part of general lighting or even with another room?


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Ron Natalie

All the receptacles with small exception for things serving dedicated appliances must be on at least 2 dedicated 20A circuits. Countertops and elsewhere are all included. They can NOT be shared with the lighting.
The only thing different about the countertop is that those MUST be GFCI protected (the others it's optional.

For all the appliances, it's best to go grab the installation information for what you want. I'd run 20A for the microwave if it's a built in. Some of the fancier ones like the Advantiums can also require 240V.

Lots of people share the circuit for the dishwasher and disposal, but check the manual on the dishwasher.

I don't think there's anything tremendously different with regard to kitchens on the 2002 vs 2008 code.

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