Electrical Wiring for new Double Oven

houseproblemsOctober 22, 2011

We just bought a new wall oven from Sears (Kenmore). The house has 8-3 wiring (it's a new addition and not previously used).

The oven tag states 120/240V 6.8Kw and in the manual this calls out 30 amps. However when I look at the wires for the pigtail coming from the oven, it clearly says 12 AWG on the wire.

I thought 12 AWG is a 20 amp wire. What am I missing and can I connect this to the 8-3 wiring already set up in the house? Breaker size?

Also the 8-3 was boxed in the wall with about 6 inches of wire. The oven is a corner unit and I will need to make the last connection to the oven to install or at a minimum and extention from the 6 inces at the wall 2-3 feet to the back of the cabinet.

Any ideas my expert friends out there?

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Ron Natalie

Do not fret over the size of the fixture wires. Make sure the 8-3 is fed with a 30A breaker (it probably is currently at 40, but the instructions rule here).
If I understand you, the 8-3 comes out of a box somewhere that's not possible to connect the pigtail, you'll have to leave the first box accessible and run more 8-3 (or possibly 10-3 but I wouldn't recommend that) wire to a box (probably behind where the oven goes).

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"However when I look at the wires for the pigtail coming from the oven, it clearly says 12 AWG on the wire."

The wire sizes you are citing are for general purpose branch circuits, and are held low to provide extra margin in those circuits.
The wires you are seeing may well be a higher temperature conductor insulation, and do not follow the same rules as general purpose branch circuits.

There actual load is tightly controlled to just the oven itself.

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