Best place to buy service wire for price

dieseldameOctober 7, 2011

I need to buy 100' of 4-4-4-2 service entrance wire to provide 100A service to an old mobile home that's been rewired to code. Does anyone know where to get a decent price for this? I'm in Central Texas.

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An electrical supply house

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Most Home Depots have a large selection of large spools of a broad range of electrical wire and cable. They will roll off the amount you require. Often electrical supply houses are wholesale to the trade.

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Regarding "wholesale to trade": you have to ask. I recently bought plumbing supplies from a "Wholesale Plumbing Supply" dealer.

Also, I went to a wholesale electrical supply house and asked "What do you get for xxx' of yyy wire?", the counter man told me, it was better that HD or L... so I bought it. He didn't ask if I were in the trade. I saved a bunch.

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Ron Natalie

The "list" prices are typically DOUBLE what the trade price is. This is usually quoted not just because they want to fleece the amateurs that show up in the stores, but the trade shows the list price when they sell stuff on jobs.

If you can find a supply house to quote you a market price, that is good. Often they will do so if you submit them to bid for something rather than just walking in off the street. You can usually do somewhere between the trade price and list price by having the Borgs (Home Depot, Lowes, etc... ) sell you (or special order) what you want.

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Hah one of my supply houses can't beat HD or L's price half the time. I say, "how much for a CH 20 amp single pole breaker?" They answer, "$13". I say, "They are $6.50 at HD" They say, "We can do $9.00" Western Extralite is much better than that supply house though. I've taken to buy most everything I can at the home stores and the oddities at the supply house. Just the other day the supply house guys were a little hurt when they loaded some 3 inch rigid into my truck with a stack of Siemens panels from L's already in there. I knew there was no way they could even match the price so I didn't give them the chance.

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I will be needing tens, if not more than a hundred, of boxes and wire nuts, etc. besides wires when I rewire our house. I can probably find almost all that I need from the big orange or big blue, but I wonder if there is a better place for me to get the same product a little cheaper. Sounded like local supply house would not be the answer since I'm not a contractor. What about any reputable online stores? Anyone got any recommendations?

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