Flooded from Isaac and need to replace all outlets

forcedreno2012October 24, 2012

Hello we got 4 feet of water from Isaac and we have to replace all outlets that were below the water line (no brainer) my question relates to the amperage of the plug and I would like a gut check to what I have been told and read. The service around the house is mostly 20 amp with the exception of the oven, hvac etc. The breaker plugs to all lights and electrical outlets is 20 amp and we have 12/2 wire. I have been told we are okay to replace with 15 amp plugs. I was told its okay to be lower than the breaker but never over ie 30 amp would be bad. The house has some interesting wiring shenanigans that we will be correcting and they have all sorts of sized plugs that we want to be uniform and correct. Thanks in advance for assistance

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For 20 amp circuits that have more than one outlet, using 15 amp receptacles is permissible.

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