Please help me reconnect 14-3 to 12-2 ...

orcascoveOctober 11, 2010

I own a 65 year old house.. and the power to my detached garage is supplied by 12-2, and the single and only switch that controls the garage from inside my house is run with 14-3(no ground). When the original 12-2 line suffered a break due to heave frost and improper burial, we dug the old line out and laid conduit at the proper depth and replaced the 12-2 line. Now that we have come into the house to rehook the new line to the already existing switch we have discovered the notes we made have been misplaced. So now I need help in how to reconnect the 14-3 to the 12-2 to get the garage power working again. I believe the way it was previously connected was the 12-2 black to 14-3 red. The whites from both together, and the remaining 14-3 black was capped off and unused. Does this sound correct?

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Ron Natalie

Sounds right, though anything is possible given the rather non-professional use of a 14-3 with one leg unused connection to a 12-2 circuit (I bet there was a 20A breaker/fuse involved too!).

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What idiot would feed 12-2 with 14-3? since it was existing, turn the breaker on, and see whether the red or black is live. the one that is live is the one you use. i would recommend running a 12-2 line back to the panel, however.

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