code question - house control of a circuit in detached building

pharkusOctober 23, 2010

I know I can't have multiple circuits feeding a detached building. Fine. There's already a subpanel in the garage.

Now there are some post lights going in beside the driveway. Done that before. Here's the twist: they are to be attached to outdoor wall lights on the garage. So far so good.

We want a switch in the kitchen, next to the door.

So how do I pull that one off, legally? I'm aware of low-voltage solutions with relays, and will go there if I have to. Just wondering if there's anything simpler I'm allowed to do?

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Never heard of an AHJ forcing exterior lights on a detached building to be under the 'two circuit rule' for detached structures.

As long as the lights are the only outlets on the circuit from the house you should be fine.

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loop switch?

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